INBA 101

INBA 101

INBA (International Natural Bodybuilding Association) was founded in 1994 by the current INBA Global president Denny Kakos. Mr Kakos has been promoting shows since 1988 and  has registered the PINNACLE OF NATURAL SPORTS, the Natural Olympia Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships which has turned out to be the largest most prestigious competition in the world. WHERE THE BEST OF THE BEST OF NATURAL ATHLETES COME TO COMPETE. Most recently the INBA added the word GLOBAL to the INBA logo to signify the strength and unity of the now Truly INBA PNBA Global Family.

Denny Kakos has dedicated his life to the sport of Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness, and the Elite Natural Athletes with one goal in mind: to be someday recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as a true sport based on fair competition and unbiased judging, a sport which is truly natural and encompasses both the physical and mental beauty of the human being, thus building a foundation for healthy lifestyles and all other sports.


Competitions, in over 50 countries, include European Championships, World Championships, Natural Universe, World Cup and Natural Olympia.


Presidents of Global Family:

INBA Global – Denny Kakos

INBA Global Europe – Viliam Rigo

INBA Global Australia – Michael Waddington

INBA Global New Zealand - Peter Hardwick

INBA Global Asia – Ngangbam Shantikumar Meetei


Become a member of our Global Family!

All European natural associations, clubs or individual athletes are welcome to become members. Please contact us on our email inbaglobaleurope@gmail.com or on our facebook fan page for further support.



European athletes who want to compete at European/ World Championships and Natural Olympia must own their membership card. INBA Global Europe membership card is valid for 12months and it costs 50EUR. The membership can be purchased either during registration at European/ World Championships or you can ask for it through the email and we’ll send it to you by post.

INBA Global Europe gives the money, collected from membership, back to athletes!!! In summer 2016 we introduced the Elite Tour which is a series of competitions all around Europe, where athletes can earn points to the rankings and the best are financially supported to travel for Natural Olympia in the USA. You can read about the Elite Tour here.


Don’t miss the chance to be a part of the biggest natural bodybuilding family in the world - INBA!


What is the Elite Tour?

Find out more about the way how to win a trip to Natural Olympia

European Championships 2016

INBA European Championships, Šamorín, Slovakia

Interview - Veronika Šloufová

Veronika is an overall champion of INBA European Championships 2016

Interview - Brandon Lirio

The overall champion of European Championships 2016

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